Earth2 Podcast CLOAK & DAGGER Season 2 [Rabbit Hold, Alignment Chart, B Sides] Discussion


Marvel's Cloak and Dagger is back for Season 2 and so are we. Here to discuss the first 2 Episodes are Keem, Bri, and Moe. Sit back relax, and enjoy the show. Rabbit Hold Synopsis: Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she needs; Tyrone's past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm's way. Alignment Chart Synopsis: Tyrone is faced with a hard decision when presented with an opportunity to clear his name; Tandy lets her anger get the best of her as she becomes frustrated with a possible dead end to her investigation into the sex trafficking ring. B Sides Synopsis: Trapped, Tandy is forced to live out alternate "what if" versions of her life until she reveals the key to breaking her.

  • Producer: MoeCrosby
  • Release Date: May 6, 2019

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