Dutchee Van Doe Fresh Outta Rita

Arrested & Incarcerated For 9months On Chargers Dutch Didnt Do Determined Once Release From A Santa Rita County Jail To Make #GoodMusic .Dutch Teams Up With San Jose Own @Brycen10ial Who's A Master On The Boards , A Bunch Of Producers (Vybe ,Epic the Don,Flawless) To Create #FreshOuttaRita . Its Really A Tape To Motivate Ex-Inmates To Continue Grindin ,Working & Staying Mind Strong. This A Lil Something To Fed Your Mintle An A 1st -Persons View Of How I Felt Threw It All. Once Homeless I Speak On Experiences And Epic Moments In The Streets That Really Molded Me Into The Man I Am Today On Track #10-NeverBlink Preciate The Support S/O My Fans Toons, Toonetts , My Moms ,Pops , S/o RisenPine For Fucckn W. Me

  • Producer: Brycen10ial, Vybe, Epic, Flawless & Sinima On The Beats
  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: October 13, 2013


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