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D.SCHOLL 100 on the Dash

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100 on the dash, gotta watch my speed yeah I’ve been out here doing me, N***a fu*k to team yeah Unlocking all my dreams no triple beam yeah, N****s steady plotting on me I’m chasing cream yeah, Life is what you fu*king make it, so appreciate Out here dodging all these demons, so I meditate Got to watch who I’m around Let me elaborate, Let me elaborate, cause System put in place to knock off all my kin folk, I’ve been out getting paper N*** l’m talking kinkos Got that 44 tucked cause n**** want to get smoked The Feds be listening homie , like I’m talking ten four Move with the weight of a man You ain’t never seen it on a plate Or a gram I’m real life hard to withstand With my day ones I’m trying to band All my life I fought for this Never give up, got to grind that sh*t

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