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DribblenDimes Pass The Rock: Malachi Smith x Darryl "Truck" Bryant


On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we're introducing something a little DIFFERENT. We call it Pass The Rock. A segment where current players talk to alumni of their institutions to get advice, learn some things and build stronger bonds with those that came before them. We kick things off with Malachi Smith and Darryl "Truck" Bryant, each answering some questions about their basketball journey. Mali and Truck discuss what getting recruited is like, how Truck got his nickname and Truck shares his advice on how to stay ready during Covid 19. Listen now and hear these two baller’s build. Moderated by Manny Digital. 🏀1:35 - “Where’s the name Truck come From? 🏀2:55 - “Why commute out oF your borough?” 🏀4:30 - “Best gym in New York” 🏀4:55 - “What was recruitment like, what teams recruited you?” 🏀6:00 - “What was the transition From high school to college like

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