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DribblenDimes Anthony Hodges: The Patient Grind


Our guest grew up to a single mother in Queens' notorious 40 projects. He played at IS-8 where he made his junior high team, but got too confident too quickly and caught a taste of humble pie early, by missing the cut before entering High School. At Campus Magnet (formerly known as Andrew Jackson H.S.) he made the squad, but didn't quite meet the potential he and others saw he had.  It wasn't until he got the opportunity to play JUCO for coach Tony Borges at Cayuga Community College that his game peaked. He learned to train his body and skills to improve his game. His journey led him to attend four colleges and come full circle back to Queens to finish up his degree. He's played overseas professionally and together with his wife founded Patient Grind training in an effort to partner with the community to promote and encourage passion in young adults through athletics. He's a publish

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