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DribblenDimes #32 - Rich Kosik (pt. 1)


This Astoria Queens native grew up playing all sorts of sports up and down his block. Self admittedly he wasn't the best basketball player, but his defensive prowess got him court time at his neighborhood Boys & Girls club. He attended Rice high school and though he tried out annually, he never made the hoops team. He spent years working with the youth giving them opportunities to engage in basketball and utilize it as a tool to further themselves through vehicles like the PSAL and his Game Plan For Success workshops. When sports marketing guru and founder of ABCD camp, Sonny Vaccaro, was looking for an east coast camp head our guest was the guy. Through ABCD he was able to help in the development of the nation's brightest stars... Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Jason Kidd and many more. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we kick it with basketball historian,

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