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dopeSMOOTHIES, Neill Von Tally, & Tyler O'Neil link up for the first time on "Honey Tea." As Tyler says: “This is the modern-day music industry: a producer from Portland, a producer from NYC, and a rapper from MD all putting effort into the creative process of making a song.” dopeSMOOTHIES of Prince George County, MD is best known for his tracks “Hyperspace” and “Waverunners.” He hops on the song with a catchy hook and lyrics that entertain more and more the closer you listen. He says of the track, “I was dealing with a lot of evil forces trying to distract me & veer me off my path at the time I wrote it, so I was jus tryina assimilate the sonics to bring peace & calm energies around me. Everybody's going through something, hopefully this can be a therapeutic escape.” This is the first production collaboration between Neill & Tyler and the chemistry is apparent from the get-go. After the two linked up Tyler brought dopeSMOOTHIES, who he has worked with multiple times over the past few years, into the mix to round out the track.

  • Total Plays: 44
  • Album: Honey Tea –
  • Producer: Neill Von Talley & Tyler O'Neil
  • Release Date: May 10, 2019
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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