Donnish Brata

4EVA the EP is a quadruplet sound of evergreen songs. The Donnish Brata brand is here to stay and this is how to prove it, the first track 'MONEY' is definitely a song for all the big ballers worldwide as they exclaim that they need not be hated for their success, the second track 'OMO IJOBA' is a direct message to every hard working youth who at some point feel they are untouchable by law, yes we are untouchable. Lets get to the third track titled 'YES', this is a very positive melody which portrays how every happy week should be repeated again and again. It is a club banger home and abroad. Finally, 'OMO KETU' as it implies is the root of the musical titan himself and he takes his wonderful fans back to where it all begun. This one will make you listen all over again.

  • Runtime: 13 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: