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DJ Whoo Kid All Night Long


DJ Whoo Kid

Saturday afternoon Russell Simmons was up on The Whoolywood Shuffle (Shade45) promoting his book "Success Through Stillness", which revolves around the state of meditation creating empowerment. During that interview Russell, whom created Def Jam around LL back in 1984 with Rick Rubin, had explained that he had a new LL single in his hands. After playing it live on air, and creating immense hype for the single it's now hitting the masses! "All Night Long" follows in the steps of the "Main Chick" remix (Kid Ink ft. LL Cool J, Chris Brown, Tyga), in which LL Cool J is proving all the naysayers wrong. Today he releases the single "All Night Long" with DJ Whoo Kid. The classic greeziness is still evident, and as LL says in the second verse that he hasn't lost it!

  • Producer: DJ Whoo Kid
  • Release Date: