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Dj Smiley G It'z Smiley hour


Dj Smiley G

Othieno Graham, better known as DJ Smiley G, was born on January 01, 1994 in St. Andrew, Kingston. The stage name he received from his band colleagues from the Simple, due to his optimistic and jovial attitude.  Unobtrusive, original and funny, DJ Smiley G is the one who gives the tone to good-bye and ensures all the ingredients of a successful show. DJ Smiley G known for his four hit singles “My Love”, “The Room”, “Where Did You Go”and “Why Are You Hiding”. “Why Are You Hiding” play on LA radio talk show “Apollo Night LA . Now with his on waiting album “My Progression Vol.1” who release on June 26, 2017 will be available on all digital outlets. Producer As a musician and producer, he can boast of numerous projects that have reached number one on the music market, proving his flair and ability to turn outstanding talent into music and music into a succe

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