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DJ Killzz MAAWD Vibes! 2016


DJ Killzz

DJ Killzz presents the third installment of the smash annual series "MAAWD Vibes!". A compilation of 2015's best riddims and hit singles. ************************************************* "MAAWD Vibes! 2016" is bringing allyuh the best dancehall 2015 had to offer! Whether it's the hits that were bussin up clubs and bashments alike or tunes to look out for in 2016; DJ Killzz latest tape will give allyuh that authentic, raw dancehall fit for any bashment or lime. *DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form will DJ Killzz incur any responsibilities for any injuries attained while dancing, wukking, or whining. DJ Killzz implores that you listen and dance responsibly. *************************************************

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