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Dj Khasper Bhinks INDEPENDENT CELEBRITY Volume 6

Independent Celebrity is an official Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes project designed by Dj Khasper Bhinks and his team. This project personally involves talent from areas such as Japan, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Mississippi, Louisiana, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and more! Every collaborating Artist is actively working and looking to network. Get your eyes and ears on to these Artists immediately! Contact Dj Khasper Bhinks: 317-529-1309 (Live 24 Hours) *Official Coast 2 Coast Dj / Nerve Dj / Registered Trademark* @DjKhasperBhinks @DjKhasperB @DjKhasperBPromo

  • Producer: Dj Khasper Bhinks, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes & Nerve Djs
  • Runtime: 76 minutes, 23 songs
  • Release Date: