Various Artists #BlackLivesMatter The Mixtape

DJ Hoodwink

BLM The Mixtape comes with both heavy heart and immense pride in the solidarity shown in bringing attention to the importance of valuing Black Life. In the wake of Ferguson, Cleveland, and Staten Island, we have seen at the least that the criminal justice system continues to make questionable decisions related to Blacks in America. At the worst, it appears a system bent on harassment of, containment of, and perpetuating fear of and the devaluing of Black life. This mixtape explores the range of voices that have taken up these issues over time. This mixtape is also another resource as we continue to grow in our ability to use music for learning, empowerment, & organizing. The Toolkit is coming! Peep these tracks that graced wax well before Ferguson. Stream and Share. Listen... Think... Act
  • Producer: DJ Hoodwink
  • Release Date: December 5, 2014