DeWayn Dinkins High America

  • Feat. Iphone
DeWayn Dinkins | The Weed Chronicles When DeWayn decided it was time to start recording the albums, he found the songs he written shared some stoner emotional states such as love, peace, jokes, and communication between friends and pothead, both real and imagined. These songs culminated in “The Weed Chronicles” are a collection of high moment recorded to Hiphop, Dubstep and Electronic music. Musically, DeWayn both polished and expanded his majestic uplifting sounds on the albums. “The Weed Chronicles" was brought to life one magical night from a request by a friend name Buddha. Theres a lot of stoner emotional highlights on each album he recorded.
  • Producer: NextHustle
  • Runtime: 30 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: March 24, 2014