Dee Dave Welcome Home

  • Album: The Life Vol. 2

Dee Dave

Tribute to Freddie Gray and Baltimore The reason I made "Welcome Home" basically for my city our people and what we been going through before and after the Death of Freddie Gray. Also for people to u understand our city more because the media only shows u the negativity. They don't show you how we help our community. They only show the killings and calling all of our youth "Thugs". We've been harassed by cops and beaten for many years. I've been in situations with cops that have threatened us or put there hands on us and it's nothing we could do because of a "badge" now that we had enough our mayor and the justice system is scared there in a corner right now. The Freddie Gray situation effected me because it hit home. Of course it hit Miami and St. Louis and I'm pretty sure a few others

  • Producer: Jay Feddy
  • Album: The Life Vol. 2
  • Release Date: April 28, 2015