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Dear Derrick .5kg

The tracks pile up on this mix tape, as do a couple hundred grams in his back pocket. .5kg sits in white contrast with the other .5kg that he is also looking to pocket and sell. A real hustle and a metaphor for the hustle we are all living, whether it is in pursuit of fame, fortune or musical recognition. It’s all one big hustle to produce more, grow more, sell more and release another album. It’s a story of struggling to meet our unmet potential while making sure we get through the day, pay back our connect and start all over again. Like with many untold stories, so much stands in the way of scoring the full deal. Just as we are about to, we find our selves almost at the beginning again. There is no sanctuary in this ‘real world where they prey on fear.’ The hustle for another.5kg pu

  • Producer: KANG, Dark Reality & Tom Delay
  • Runtime: 31 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: