WHEN YOU THINK BRUCE WAYNE YOU THINK BATMAN(A MUSICAL HERO IF YOU WILL) WHEN YOU THINK DDENT YOU RECOLLECT THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A VIGILANTE.....really a mixtape but it's so original why not present it as a album it also explains the last year of my life 1.BLADE- what better of a comparison would you need who doesn't want to be BLADE 2. COMIN SOON- a ode to fans who write fan letters asking for more music as well as a male gigalo ( 3.BLUE MOON-you only see me once every blue moon she only cooks once every blue moon 4.Harvey Dent -TWO sides 2 every story referencing one of batman's sinister villains 5.GOT IT MADE- in memory of Bobby WORLD in still representing 6.I WISH I DIDN'T- am back of the dome with another one no DJ Khaled wish i didn't just say that...

  • Producer: mizzhitZ, Mykey Dizzy & ALEX LUSTIG
  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: August 13, 2016