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Dayo Chino No Late Comer

Dayo chino

There’s not another artist in the world like Dayo Chino . The pioneer of Afro Funk , Dayo Chino’s debut track Slow Down was the first tune to fuse the Funk Hype and accent of his Mother land Lagos with the floor filling riddims of Jamaican Dancehall / Bashment – all delivered with the charismatic road swagger of his hometown Agege ,Lagos Nigeria . Since Slow down dropped , Dayo chino has proven adept at taking on any style, no matter the tempo or genre. Dayo Chino’s hype energy makes any tune his own; Dayo chino has been giving hits back to back, This album NO LATE COMER means no time or age is too late to become succesful in life, lnspiration of this album was derived from the street and the childhood memories of dayo chino, its a complation of various singles feat various artiste

  • Runtime: 67 minutes, 21 songs
  • Release Date: