• Album: No Sleep


Verse 1: Hip hop my slipknot, I kid not A pick pock keep it safe put it in a Ziploc No time to lip lock, tick tock, watch Tik Tok Or skid rocks, across the these docks, we ain’t slipping in these socks Bed bugs so we sleeping with the doors locked Lock down, top it off with a deadlock Sleep, imma have to cut your fucking head off Kill you and imma put you in a headlock Try to beef imma choke you with your own cock Back to sleep and you stressed so you sleepwalk Across streets and you slipping on the sidewalk, fell through the boardwalk Demons in your head and you bound like a wedlock The pain is overwhelming, grip your teeth and you can’t talk Falling through the ceiling, heavy weight like a cement block Crash into the floor, go dumb, and now you don’t talk

  • Producer: D.O.T.
  • Album: No Sleep
  • Release Date: