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Dave Zup & BJSR Track 8 (Don't Try This At Home)

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Dave Zup

If the cover art does not already provide a clear enough clue, Track 8 is a musical piece that was created through the process of recycling.  Zup sourced the main loop in Track 8 from a live album released by BJSR in 2018, using it at open mics for nearly a year before passing the idea to musician, Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums). Fitts’ bass line and drum beat juxtapose Zup’s calm vocal delivery to provide the listener with a well-balanced sonic experience. Atmospheric synth pads are added as the song progresses to add depth before BJSR returns to his original work with soft background vocals and a few chords played on a vintage harmonium. As the chorus suggests, it’s best not to play this one with a closed mind.