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Dapo Marino THE GRIM EP

Dapo Marino

After months of writing, editing, recording and fine-tuning, finally the long anticipated GRIM EP has arrived! This fresh, masterfully crafted EP will engage and surprise with unusual and off-the-wall samples, beautifully odd melodies and hard-hitting, deep bass. If you hear ‘Hip Hop’ and expect auto-tuned, over produced, simple repetitive beats, this EP will introduce you to the full range and depth that Hip Hop can encompass. Messy Sounds and Dapo Marino hope to bring you on a journey through the alternative sounds of London, with heavy, messed up beats and gun-range rapping. These two London dwellers will show you the dark and dingy, the hopeful and lustful, the bright and beautiful, all within a musical package that can’t fail to get people on their feet. This EP will truly help you to

  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: