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Dapo Marino Medisine Musick

Dapo Marino

DAPO MARINO RELEASES #Medisine Musick, at a time when the world could do with some healing through music. The 10-track album includes several great songs such as ‘Para’, which has a catchy beat, profound lyrics and also accurately describes the feelings of the Nigerian youth due to recent happenings in the country. The song supports the fight against corruption and injustice in the system. The album also features artists such as Oxlade, John E Wisdom, A-Q, Obadice and more. Producers such as Daniel Ayo, Topchefz, Remi and executive producer Akinmarin Ayodapo Promise among others contributed to the tracks. In a statement, Dapo Marino encouraged fans and new listeners to listen to the album on various legitimate platforms and anticipate a series of videos off the album, Medisine Musick.

  • Runtime: 37 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: