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Danny Evans Mucho Gusto


Danny Evans

Got Fuego I'm coming in too early, I'm eager Way I kick it, should be on the La Liga, play maker, suttin like Rafhina Wide eyed emoji's ducking out the beamer, like they never seen an educated beaner Mucho gusto, nice to meet ya- I'd say the pleasure's mine but the pleasures yours Young Latino got it going on, four summers still going strong Young Latino got it going on, yelling fuck that I ain't mowing lawns And for the record, I ain't gotta make records. more on that later though Look how I built it and made it though Don't act like you don't know bout Fuego Bro Like a air mattress leaking I be laying low Like Omari Hardwick I be playing Ghost Then I come back its like what you say you hoe? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU SAY YOU HOE! How I say somebody dissed me when they nobody? Threw my one a watch just to pass time, this aint no hobby Ain't no ties but my doe knotty You bitch mad

  • Album: Mucho Gusto
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