Dan Drizzy Business With God

Dan Drizzy

BUSINESS WITH GOD is Urban West African body of work that Dan Drizzy put together along some top recording artist in ghana and also in other parts of west Africa.The Extended playlist consist of A list rappers, singers, disc jockeys and songwriters like MEDIKAL, YAA PONO, RHATTI, $PACELY, KEVIN BLACK, DANI DRACO, NOYC, SPL, AJAY ODDLAD, DJ OZONE , DJ CLEMS, DJ HIGHLY. Since this is Dan Drizzy’s debut extended playlist he went all in as much as using over 10 African languages and also 70% of English and broken English. The BUSINESS WITH GOD EP consists of 7 tracks alongside his recently released single “MONEY SPEAKING” making a total of 8. Every track has a different vibe to it as Dan Drizzy tends to connect the world to his newly found sound of Western Africa.

  • Producer: Dago beats
  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: January 1, 2021