DAC Continent Raveolutionary Friday

Raveolutionary Friday is the 2nd Studio LP by Kenyan Hiphop Crew DAC Continent (DC). Accomplished in 2016 featuring various Kenyan ACts, the mixtape compilation features tracks such as:-1. Nakazana (Wanyama Anthem) by DAC Continent2. Cheddah by K Hoppa3. Kiongozi by DAC Continent4. Nani Anaweza by DAC Continent5. Gabatula by DAC Continent6. Play Fair by DAC Continent7. Good Enough by DAC Continent8. Ganji by DAC ContinentAnd Some Bonus Track. Support The culture in the 254
  • Producer: DAC, CMG and Chuo Records
  • Release Date: June 10, 2017