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D-Cal Hunger Pains

Deuce Caliber

After months of anticipation, D-Cal finally releases Hunger Pains, a 17- cut EP that takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster. From the beginning, the project is laced with piano keys that are reminiscent of the late 90's. Throughout, the project shifts from introspection to full on Bravado with records like "Bussit Down" and "On My Line". Tracks like "Runaway" and "Summer Nights" give hope to a new generation of emcees looking to bring light to progressive thinkers. In a climate in which music has become so "copy and paste", Hunger Pains leaves listeners yearning to know more about Cal's experiences.

  • Producer: D-Cal, Transpoze, Keishh & Cocaine Zombie
  • Runtime: 66 minutes, 18 songs
  • Release Date: