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Cupti Turn By Turn

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I would love to narrate in details what this song is about, But a suspense filled post won't do a harm. Twitch Recordz Artists Cupti Cupti is set for the release of his new single "TURN BY TURN"💝 The artiste who has been on a running spree to seeing that he gives his fans songs for a lifetime is super excited about this one in particular. From very grooving songs like " Iyawo", "Conscience" "Sugar Daddy" and many others, Cupti has seen that music is a sauce when cooked well is consumed and for a life time, the consumer will hunger for more. Let's wait on this power magic single "TURN BY TURN"🔥🔥🔥. Follow Cupti On Instagram: @cuptiofficial1 And on Twitter: @cuptiofficial

  • Producer: Vee
  • Release Date: