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crownedYung Win or Die

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After having last released a solo project in 2018, on “Win or Die”, crownedYung brings you up to speed by sharing a selection of his experiences since via a sonically widespread 15 songs. crownedYung first mentioned the phrase Win or Die” on his song ‘The Shit’ off his first mixtape “DIRTBIN” in 2016 and had since always wanted to release a body of work with the title. He has his versatility on show throughout this offering going from heavy 808s on songs like ‘In & Out’ to spacey Trap Soul soundscapes on songs such as ‘Solo Dolo’ as well as introspective records like ‘Can’t Talk For Me’ & ‘Lord Have Mercy’. The title “Win or Die” alone paints a picture of the mindset crownedYung is currently in but after listening to this mixtape you realize that there is also a theme of mental health t

  • Runtime: 47 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: