Paul Allen For The Low

  • Feat. Soulja Boy
  • Album: Finesse Kid II


Bay Area rapper and SODMG affiliate Paul Allen has been quickly developed a reputation in the blog world after he came out of nowhere with his song, "Unbelievable" detailing his rough upbringing in the streets. After gracing the pages of,, and other up-and-coming blog sites like, this talent is out to prove he's more than just a typical one hit trapper turned rapper. Paul Allen is truly living a life many have only seen in movies and people are noticing his movement's extravagant appearance and lifestyle. Having frequented ATL for several years, the 25 year old rapper linked up with SODMG and instantly clicked with Soulja and his team. This song is a testament to their friendship and business relationship as part of SODMG.

  • Album: Finesse Kid II
  • Release Date: