Luce Cannon "Do Anything"



This track premiered exclusively on VH1 recently, but here is Luce Cannon's take on the recording of "Do Anything." "Hazel E is like my big sis, she used to mess with Swisha House, Slim Thug and others and basically there was some drama with her and Fetty Wap's baby mama. So Fetty asked if I knew her and I reached out to her. He was like, 'lets get back at this bitch, this bitch Masika trying to ruin my life.' So we were in the studio and I called Hazel and I was like you got to hear this verse that Fetty Wap did. She liked it and so we worked on her verse, I did mine, and the rest is history." While this song is sure to make waves across the industry, Luce Cannon has a huge project set for release later this Spring, preceded by a trio of mixtapes in the mean time.

  • Album: Product of South Central
  • Release Date: September 28, 2016