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Crate Diggers EP 22 - Brookfield Duece // Townbiz Situation


Welcome to episode 22 of Crate Diggers! We're a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Episode 22 features Oakland rapper, Brookfield Duece, a versatile MC and a man with a strong vision for his future. His latest projects Hoop Dreams & September are both available on Bandcamp. Each episode of Crate Diggers features beats submitted by producers from around the globe, our featured producer for episode 22 is LA's Jahosh. Jahosh spent time in the Northwest and has collaborated with some of the best from Portland as well as our guest Brookfield Duece. Find all 22 episodes of Crate Diggers on iTunes or, where you'll find ways to support the show and more information on everyone involved.

  • Producer: Crate Diggers
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