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Crate Diggers EP 14 - HOT16 // Flesh Eating Disco Zombies


Welcome to Crate Diggers, a music interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Crate Diggers is hosted by Portland DJ / Artist, Verbz and engineered by his brother / in-house producer Steez. Episode 14 of Crate Diggers features producer and DJ, HOT16 formerly known as Dun Diggy. One of our favorite producers from Portland, HOT16 has collaborated with many of the Northwest's best and has released his own vinyl in collaborations with Liquid Beats Recrds. It's an eclectic episode with vinyl from hip hop to house and features some excellent rare vinyl. for more info and episodes. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram - @Crate_Diggers and on FB. Also on iTunes!

  • Producer: Crate Diggers
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