Fiction Side One: Stuck On Static


Side One: Stuck On Static is the freshman effort from Fiction. The mixtape features both Corey D and DTre on two different tracks. Download the tape for free here. All lyrics written by Nate Hansen, except for features by Corey D and DTre. All mixes done by Dave Hansen, except "The Road" - mixed by Chris Classick. Producers include 2Deep, SwizZz of Funk Volume, Psycho Beatz and Def Starz. Track 5, "Work (Remix)" is a remix of Gang Starr's Work and features production by DJ Premier and Guru, as well as vocals by Guru. Connect: Twitter: Facebook. Web: YouTube: Instagram:
  • Producer: 2Deep, SwizZz, Def Starz, Psycho Beatz, DJ Premier & Guru
  • Runtime: 7 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: September 5, 2014


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