Figuring out who you are is never easy, and pursuing a career in music at the same time makes the journey harder. 21-year-old Callum Afcouliotis, better known as COTIS, is like most his age, trying to balance responsibilities but being able to express his own freedom as well. The duality is the theme behind his new project, RECKLESS, a nine-track work narrating the good and bad that comes with that lifestyle. Expanding further, COTIS states: “Reckless is a process I’m still in—just like not giving a fuck freeing myself from the prison my mind has created for itself—because that’s when I’m truly happiest is when I feel free.” Anybody going through this will enjoy the Martin Wave-produced project speaking to them, and, while the music won’t necessarily answer the problems any youth faces g

  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: