Copta Freak Bae



Yeah it’s all i see Make money ‘fore i sleep The more i see They tryna spoil my sleep Rosso Yeah Say good things when you talk about me Like of late I don’t get off work till about 3 Hm sorry What is a free day We work too hard We no dey sleep And i love a freak bae Cool down and work it for me Aye Make that money Work it for me ei More ronnings More things are working for me ei Counting money Cool down and work it for me ei Wɔfee runnings No free shit Make money ‘fore i sleep Chasing dreams when i no sleep Listen and don’t loose talk That’s how you die in these streets We dey fi high off my piece but She want be my peace Shattaman don’t lose guard Make your mind dey at ease Open a whole new chapter Give you dem good vibes Whey go cool down all the mentals When you stress Pour me water Make it drip down on my head I’m a mess but I don’t complain Cos we’re blessed Home is where the heart is Always keep the family first And you know the rest Always go in and we leave with no tracks aye Live with no regrets aye Rosso the King I pull up and attack Aye (chorus)