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Karolina Kizzie What Would I Do


When you think of South Carolina you think of Myrtle Beach ,Parris Island good food like this favorite of Charleston's tearooms, Huguenot torte is a baked apple and pecan or walnut pudding-cake with a crispy meringue-like top, typically served with a dollop of whipped cream. Contrary to the popular misconception, the cake doesn't have French origins nor was it named after the Huguenots - French Protestants who fled to South Carolina in the 17th century for religious freedom.BUT NOW!! a brand new soulful sound of southern hip hop that reaches deep into soul are two Brothers breaking the door with the smash hit by Karolina Kizzie x Riko ( What Would I do) already taking the streets by storm!!!! Born and raise in beaufort ,SC kizzie had his share of heart aches but not letting him stop from

  • Album: Karolina Kizzie - What Would I Do
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