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Cool Nutz NEP

  • Feat. April Cason
  • Album: SINGLE

Cool Nutz drops his latest album "Pig Ears & Chitlins" which is derived from the historical Soul Food items that have become synonumous as genuine staples in African-American culture. As a dedication to Northeast Portland, Cool Nutz pays homage to the geniune, organic, and authenic environment and community he was raised in. "Pig Ears & Chitlins" have always signified a feeling of home, community, and more within the African American community. Whether you chose to indulge or not, the meaning was deep-rooted and truly one of authenic family. "Pig Ears & Chitlins" finds Cool Nutz touching on subjects of race realtions, fatherhood, friendship, rapper hate, culture, and more. The album features appearances from Illmaculate on the bar heavy "Safe", Portland standouts Mic Crenshaw and Mic Capes on the culturally charged "Black", and April Cason on the lead single/dedication to Northeast Portland "NEP"...

  • Producer: Trox
  • Album: SINGLE
  • Release Date: