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CRX/Cross LOAH (Life On A Hustle)


CRX born Cross Rivera in Detroit during the 80's, a peek in the birth of Hip Hop. From the early age of 6 dancing in front of the television to pop stars such as: Michael Jackson, PRINCE & Blues and Funk legends like B.B. King and Grand Master Flash to performing in plays and stage production until freshmen year in high school where he then focused on animation and marketing talents. It was not until moving to Colorado in 2002 that he changed his direction and established 80 Generations in 2005 for an animation project called "Faith and Fear: A Brother's War", afterwards 80 Generations rapidly grew into a production and management. Now with 80 Generations being the head to S.T.R Player Magazine, Cross Breed Entertainment, Generational Gap Radio Show, Co-Owner of Jammin' 98 and S.T.R Player Hour, we are on our way to the top. When asked about his music:"I feel I'm bringing a new fresh fee

  • Album: SINGLE
  • Release Date: