NewClue Illustrious Youth

  • Album: Illustrious Youth

Sure, we all have our bumps in life, but NewClue has been through the trenches. As formed in the very late 80’s, (and after about 6 years) all disbursed and went their separate ways. Neil (the vocalist) almost died, when he slammed his motorcycle into a telephone pole back in 2000. With TBI, he had to learn to walk & talk (as well as sing) all over again. With the reformation of yesteryear’s "NoClue", the band rejoined into today’s "NewClue" in 2014. The guys came back, full circle. Neil's heartwarming story, and his willingness to never give up on a dream, fueled the fire and sparked the embers for pure passion and the love for music. "Here is the reason that he lived and what they have to give…"

  • Album: Illustrious Youth
  • Release Date: December 7, 2015