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Young Aspiring Methodical Logical un-biological creature on the Mic. Has taken in various themes and styles to produce his own crazy flow to revive the art of hip-hop music instead of just producing "hypee" music all about money cars clothes & Ohhhhs... Listen closely to the metaphors and crazy vocabulary. I just make music for the fun and love of it so my bad if I don't rhyme about shooting niggas and robbing shit and all that ish cause I never went through that shit so you'll be hearing the innards of my minds eye and how I have viewed life as I've been through it so far. So tag along on this Journey.... From Queens, NY to Dallas, TX now taking over Seattle, WA.

  • Total Plays: 76
  • Album: SINGLE
  • Producer: Jay$ilver; Nicolas B.
  • Release Date:
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap