Elijah The Young Prophit Drip On Me

  • Feat. TheGeneral
  • Album: SINGLE

Meet Elijah Pacheco, a 15 year old rising rap superstar that is ready to take the game by storm. Hailing from MottHaven, South Bronx by way of North Carolina, Young Prophit, is one young artist that while he knows he must make his own way, he makes sure he pays respects to the greats. Young Prophit started doing music at the age of 6 writing rhymes and loved doing covers of tracks from the greats. Those names include Big L, Biggie, Tupac and Jay Z, along with countless others from hip-hop’s Golden Age. Speaking on this Young Prophit explains “Yes, Pac, Jay Z, and Biggie, their lyrical content was one of a kind, and at a young age, I just love their music. I used to do those covers and really thought I was them”. Prophit also gives much credit to his father as well as he stated how his father would constantly play Jay Z’s classic album “Reasonable Doubt” numerous times. He gives him much credit and that’s the reason why he has the current rap style he has. Prophit goes on to continue “I was literally born in the Birthplace of hip-hop and I take huge pride in that. While Young Prophit was raised in the south mostly, he made it a must to let his fans know where he originated.

  • Album: SINGLE
  • Release Date: November 23, 2018