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Pariis Noel Big Rings x Big Dreams


This is a sound that embodies the culture of not just hip-hop, but music as a whole. Pariis Noel is an M.C. (Mic Controller) hailing from "MoTown" Detroit, Michigan "Hitsville USA". Being inspired by Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and 90's hip hop, the art of storytelling is what catapulted Pariis Noel into the rap game. Pariis' blend of art, soul, culture and sound is what captures the ear and imagination of the listener. Pariis Noel and his 4NXCHANGE movement is ready to cement their place in hip-hop culture. "Lover of Hip Hop. Lover of Life. I Love my city. 4NXCHANGE is my brand"

  • Album: SINGLE
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