Dee-Jay Shots Fired: The Mixtape Volume 1

With his latest album "Just A Kid From Kankakee" leaving it's mark in the music world earlier this year, Dee-Jay comes back with yet another project that will leave the people with their mouths open. Taking their favorite music artist's beats and turning them into his own songs, the title of the project speaks for itself. Inspired by his most popular song "Shots Fired", Dee-Jay's 17th project (9th mixtape overall) "Shots Fired Volume 1" will definitely be loaded with ammo. He is taking no prisoners & there is no filter with his lyrical content. With his dislike for mumble rappers & the way Hip-Hop has changed drastically, Dee-Jay pulls no punches with this one! 20 plus tracks of nonstop Hip-Hop, tracks like "Icon (Freestyle"), "Rap Jesus" & "Save Hip-Hop" are definitely shots fired. Also tracks like, "Hating On You", "When We F*ck" & Boo'd Up (Remix) the ladies can definitely vibe to. This project shows a lot of versatility & growth. Dropping this Halloween, it's safe to say this is going to be scary!
  • Runtime: 90 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: October 31, 2018

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