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Marcedes Laster Shoot’N To The Grave

Born February 14, 1990 in Milwaukee,WI under the guidance of his loving mother and father, Rochelle Lenior and Reality Laster Marcedes was thought of as special. Growing up on 22nd Wright street and 25th Burleigh street where he witness the gruesome "streetlife" Marcedes always strived to live in the dreams and foot steps of his father who at the time was pioneering F.U.P Mob in Miami,FL. Dropping out of middle school due to passion for his fathers impulsive lyrics and successful lifestyle, Marcedes was positive he wanted the same exact life as his father Reality Laster. When Marcedes was only 14 he wrote the song "#MoMoney" and recorded "StreetLife" along with recording the video. Reaching a small level of fame in his music career and pimping hoe's Marcedes felt the need to exile himself from the lavish lifestyle in order to strengthen his perspective on the business aspect of the music

  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date:

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