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Coming straight outta high school, Infinite is about to take over the rap game with my self-named mixtape. Some of the work was done at Listen Vision Studios in Washington DC, But the rest of the songs were done in my house. Doing the lyrics, editing the beats and engineering the sounds, hip hop is very important to Infinite, he is ready for the game. This Teenager is not your typical Hispanic kid. With Honduran and Peruvian background, Adonnis Colindres was born in Fairfax, Virginia. He got into music at 6 years old but did not listen to hip hop music more until he was 12. He started rapping and writing down lyrics when he was 15 and he started a Rap duo with his best friend, Nick, called "Ram Beats!" They were considered the most popular rap group in their school. Infinite went on to persue a solo career. Considered he's got mad potential, Infinite is trying to use rap to share stories and try to "bring meaning back into hip hop." He may sometimes might share songs that don't make sense, but that's because he does it because he thinks that's what people expect from him. One day he wants to become a platinum-selling artist and start his own record label.

  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date:

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