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Natalie Gauci Back To Life

Natalie Gauci is set to release PART 1 'Back To Life' of her new album 'Pictures of Mars'. Produced, written and arranged by Natalie Gauci Mixed by Simon Moro co production credits. Natalie Gauci is an extraordinary singer and exceptional song writer. Her raw talent and potential discovered when she shot to fame as the winner of Australian Idol in 2007. She was a smash. Since then, now relocated in London she’s producing and developing her unique sound. A clever mashup of pop, soul jazz and latin. Her new writing showcases an incredible vocal range and powerful voice, mixed to an eclectic soundscape. “Powerless Is one of the most powerful songs I have ever written, it’s me at a time where I was most vulnerable”.

  • Runtime: 8 minutes, 2 songs
  • Release Date: