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Clane Matthew Standing Tall

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This song is dedicated to the lives ruined and lives lost from the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though this past year has been hell, we’re still standing. On behalf of everyone at L.B. Music Productions, we wish you all the best, and stay safe! Thank you for your support. Lyricist: Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo Production: Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo Arrangement: Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo, Aisha Hayles Mixing Engineer: Clane Matthew, Delamar Hamilton Mastering Engineer: Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo © Copyright. 2021. L.B. Music Productions. All rights reserved.

  • Producer: Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo
  • Album: An Immigrant Story, Pt. 2
  • Release Date: