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CineMasai Reel Notes w/ CineMasai ep. 16: Defcee



My guest this week is Chicago rapper, writer, and teacher Defcee, one-third of the group defprez. We spoke about Batman, the value of networking, slave movies, his time as both a teacher and rapper in Chicago, the draining nature of the American public education system, his time with the Emcee Wreckshop program, mainstream rap’s renewed interest in drums and loops, and the creative process behind his latest project We Dressed the City with Our Names, produced entirely by August Fanon. Stream & purchase We Dressed the City with Our Names here: Follow defcee on Instagram and Twitter: @defcee Follow Dylan "CineMasai" Green on Instagram (@cinemasai) and Twitter (@CineMasai_) Support the show ($CineMasai)

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