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Chox-Mak x Dr.G (UK) Audio Murder: End Of Days


Chox-Mak has been working with Dr.G for some time now and it all started with the first Audio Murder.Since then the mc producer team have been putting singles and projects together as a unit and individually.This series has been working well for the two but now its time to put the "Audio Murder" Saga to bed with End Of Days mixtape instead of an EP.This project features Young Dirty Bastard(Wu Tang),Ty Nitty(Infamous Mobb/Love and Loyalty)and , frequent Dr.G collaborator,Hell Razah(Wu Tang/Sunz Of Man/Ghetto Govt.) to name a few.This project is not the end of Dr.G and Chox-Mak as a team be sure to follow these two rising underground forces.Hip Hop is alive and you can hear it in The End Of Days.

  • Producer: Dr.G (UK)
  • Runtime: 31 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: