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Chissom Anthony Glory to God in the highest

Chissom Anthony

this New year comes with a lot of amazing Gospel artists who have devoted their time in propagating this Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through their gift of songs. One of them is the beautiful and talented gospel singer and songwriter Chissom Anthony. Chissom Anthony has recently just released her new album she titles “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST”. This album is an embodiment of everything Christ stands for, a masterpiece orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. The album has seven glorious tracks 1. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST 2. SHOUT FOR JOY 3. HE IS ALIVE AND HE REIGNS 4. HOSANNA 5. HE IS COMING BACK 6. I’M A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD 7. FAITHFUL FATHER Chissom started singing as early as when she was 8 years old in the children’s choir at her then local church, having been raised by devout Christi

  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: